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MJF66, Sept. 22-24, 2023


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Gerald Clayton presents The Listening Space
  • Grounds Artist
  • Saturday, September 23 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm Pacific Jazz Café

With Gerald Clayton, Lakecia Benjamin, Reuben Rogers, and Lewis Nash 

The Listening Space is a recurring musical web series on YouTube, presented by pianist/composer and Next Generation Jazz Orchestra director Gerald Clayton and the Monterey Jazz Festival, with support from the Arts Council for Monterey County. Each episode explores some of the ideas and concepts that animate jazz music, and the imagination of the players that informs the core values of the artform — concepts of jazz education, time, tempo, sections of the band, how to personally listen and interact with music as it's happening, the influence of the spaces it happens in, and much more! Each concept is viewed and heard through songs that are important to Gerald.

The series is a place for us to seek a deeper more active role in listening to music — to savor its intricacies, the how and the why, and the impact on music holistically. Join Gerald Clayton as he walks us through a practice that has guided him his whole journey through music. Join us to really listen to some of our favorite tunes.