MJF Regional All-Star Program: Certificate of Excellence in Professional Musicianship

MJF is thrilled to announce the newest addition to our MJF Regional All-Star Program: Certificate of Excellence in Professional Musicianship. This program is designed to motivate our All-Star students to become better musicians. Certificates will be awarded to those high school All-Star Band or Vocal Ensemble students who satisfy a set of requirements that are established by MJF’s education department.

  • To offer students opportunities to improve techniques and performance skills as well as overall understanding of jazz music.
  • To motivate students to become better musicians. 
  • 90% or higher attendance of rehearsals.
  • 80% or higher attendance and performance at community events organized by Monterey Jazz Festival, including big band and small combo performances and any tours.
  • Attending a minimum of three jazz concerts or jazz related events a year. Students will need to submit admission tickets or photos of their attendance to MJF’s education department. MJF’s education department will share good resources for the local jazz events for students’ participation and attendance.
  • Participating in the summer jazz camp (full time only).
  • A certificate for college applications.
  • Upon request, MJF will write a recommendation letter for college applications.
  • With students and parents’ permission, a public announcement of the recipients on our website and social media pages (Facebook: 331K, Instagram: 108K, Twitter: 12.7K).


Congratulations to the 2023 Certificate of Excellence recipients!
MJF Regional All Star Vocal Ensemble

Aaliyah Medina
Conor O’Brien
Dayci Dishny
Jenna Beesley
Serra Arkan
Siara Meehan
Sienna Grant

MJF Regional All Star Band

Alexis Rodas-Mendoza
Andrew Murray
Christopher Platt
Conor O’Brien
Daphne DeCarlo
Grace Wang
Johnny Klevan
Jose Romero
Kai Bishop
Kai Hatton
Tanner Downing-McAdams