What Our Students Say

2016 Summer Jazz Camp

Above: Campers with 2016 Artist-In-Residence, Terri Lyne Carrington

“I loved being in an atmosphere in which everyone is excited about what they do. It's an incredibly positive environment.” 2015 camper

Monterey Jazz Festival Summer Camp students return year after year for so many reasons: the comradery of talented and motivated peers, the musical and personal challenges, and the warm and knowledgeable faculty. In fact, in 2015 over 55% of our campers were returning students, with 40% attending for their 3-6th year. Here’s what they had to say about the experience:

92% of campers say our faculty “created a fun and relaxed environment in which they felt comfortable expressing themselves.”

“I have never felt so pushed out of my comfort zone and yet so comfortable at the same time. The environment of support and genuine well-wishing confounded me.” —Grace, vocalist, 17

“I look forward to this camp all year long, and I'm always sad when it's over. This has been the best year I’ve had at camp by far and the combo time with [instructor] Bruce Forman will be remembered for a long time.” —Adam, saxophone, 18

“Thank you so much for this opportunity. I will cherish this always and plan to visit over the summer next year and hopefully more. Thank you all so much for being supportive and caring for all of us.” Ayana, piano, 18

92% of campers agree that their time in camp allowed them to improve their technique on their instrument.

“This camp provides me with the necessary tools to improve as a musician that I can't get through school.” George, trumpet, 17

“Camp pushes me and has me playing advanced things which urge me to practice and become a better player.” Jordi, guitar, 13

87% of campers agree that our camp “helped [them] develop a better feel for the language and rhythms of jazz.”

“It is the biggest challenge I have faced in practicing my music. Nothing has exhausted and invigorated me more than these two weeks, and I grew a lot.” 2015 camper

"I always walk away from this camp a more confident player than before." Phillip, trombone, 17

86% of campers say that our camp has “helped me become a more comfortable improvisor.”

“I felt like we were encouraged to show our own voice and were applauded for it.” 2015 camper

“Everybody was there to support everyone else. I didn't have to be the best musician in the room to have full support from my peers and faculty, which left me comfortable to expand and explore.” —2015 camper

86% of campers say “as a result of attending camp I feel more excited to play and learn about jazz.”

“Here I get to work with amazing clinicians and my peers who love jazz. There is only pressure to play the best I can, which is the best pressure.” —Akili, trumpet, 17

“I learned so much! All the staff were so talented and supportive! I loved hanging out with fellow musicians, learning new techniques, and exploring jazz more deeply. I was never judged for my ability, only by my effort! I felt so comfortable doing crazy things.” —Elizabeth, vocalist, 15

82% of campers say “as a result of attending camp I feel inspired to practice my instrument.”

“This is a place where I am constantly challenged to bring my playing to a new level. I love being surrounded by players that are better than me because it allows me to grow more and to be inspired to work harder. Marina, saxophone, 16

“I love jazz and getting better. I want to do this for a living and MJF Summer Camp helps me reach that goal.” —Ayana, piano, 18

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