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MJF67, Sept. 27-29, 2024

Arts and Crafts Vendor



August 1, 2024 - Emails will be sent to accepted vendors, using the email provided in your application.
August 5th – 7th, 2024 – Contracts will be emailed to accepted Vendors.
August 21, 2024 - Signed contract, copy of your California seller’s permit, AND your first partial payment must be made, or you will forfeit your space.

2024 Booth Fees: A payment of 50% must be made before August 21st, and full payment must be received by September 13th. Vendors will receive an invoice with appropriate booth fees through PayPal – all accounts must be paid for through PayPal. Checks or over-the-phone credit card payments will not be taken.

Artisan/Community Permanent Stalls:
Fee includes a $100 refundable cleaning deposit.

  • 1 10x10 stall (2 wristbands/day) ……………………………. $1300
  • 2 10x10 stalls (3 wristbands/day) …………………………...$1800
  • 3 10x10 stalls (4 wristbands/day) .......................................$2100
  • 4 10x10 stalls (4 wristbands/day) ……………………………$2400
  • 1 10x15 stall (2 wristbands/day) ……………………………. $1500

Midway Art/Merch Vendors:
Fee includes a $100 cleaning deposit, $100 electricity fee.
A limited number of Midway vendors will be accepted this year. There are 4 10x10 spaces and 2 10x20 spaces available. You are responsible for providing your own tent and set up.

  • 10x10 Tent Space (2 wristbands per day) ……………….$1250
  • 10X20 Tent Space (3 wristbands per day)…………………$1450

Tent rental: A to Z Rental Center, Inc. in Seaside (831-394-6751).

Fees Applied to Vendors:
$100 Cleaning Fee: Refundable at the end of festival if your vendor space is left with no staples, nails, screws, trash, or changes made to the booth or grass area.
$100 Electricity Fee: This fee is for tent vendors only for electricity installation for lights and POS systems. You cannot bring your own generator. All permanent arts & crafts booths come with electricity/lights.

INSURANCE: All vendors are required to have insurance coverage to participate in the Monterey Jazz Festival at the Monterey County Fairgrounds. Vendors are required to have their own insurance coverage; you are required to list the Monterey Jazz Festival and Monterey County Fairgrounds as additional certificate holders. More information will be sent to the vendor if accepted.

● Minimum Coverage must be $1,000,000.

VENDOR REVIEW: To provide the best variety for our festival patrons, the Festival reviews all vendors on an annual basis. The Festival reserves the right to determine which vendors will return annually. Therefore, please be aware that a booth at this year’s Festival does not automatically ensure a space next year. The Festival reserves the right to move a vendor to any location at any time in the best interest of the Festival and its patrons.

FORMS/FEES/PAYMENTS: 2024 Fees will be taken online via PayPal.

CANCELLATIONS: You may cancel by August 15, 2024, to be eligible for a full refund. Cancellations after August 30 are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. No refunds are available after September 13, 2024.

MONTEREY BUSINESS LICENSE: All vendors must have a current Monterey Business License. The City will only issue licenses to those vendors who have a signed contract with Monterey Jazz Festival. City of Monterey Business License must be obtained no later than September 1, 2023.

CALIFORNIA RESALE LICENSE: Vendor is responsible for obtaining a valid California resale number prior to submitting this contract and the law requires that you must produce evidence of permit. Apply online at: Vendors without a current license will not be permitted on the grounds.

PRODUCTS TO BE SOLD: Only those items listed on your application may be sold. Changes or substitutions without the explicit approval of Festival could result in removal from the Festival grounds. Vendors are restricted to selling only lawful goods and services from your booth. Monterey Jazz Festival reserves the sole and exclusive right to establish relationships with branded partners (“sponsors”). No vendor may sell or distribute any product which competes with the products or services of any official Monterey Jazz Festival partner.

BOOTH SPACE: Vendors will be assigned a booth space by Monterey Jazz. Booth space cannot be sublet or shared.

MUSIC: No hand drumming or recorded or live music is permitted in or at the booth space.

SIGNS/BANNERS: Vendors may not advertise or display signs, banners or products that are in direct or indirect competition with Festival sponsors/partners. Signage cannot interfere with neighboring booths.

Vendor check-in/set-up begins at 9am on Thursday, September 26, 2024, and 8am on Friday, September 27, 2024. More information will be available if accepted.

HOURS OF OPERATION: For the convenience of our patrons, vendor booths must be open for business when Festival gates open each day and stay open in the evening for 30 minutes after the last show ends.

Friday, September 27, 2024, 3:00 p.m. -11pm
Saturday, September 28, 2024, 11:00 a.m. – 11pm
Sunday, September 29, 2024, 11:00 a.m. – 10pm

PARKING: We do not provide on-site parking.

PHONE / INTERNET: Phone lines are not available. Wi-Fi may not be available on-site.

DELIVERIES: Deliveries can be made during festival; however, vendor is responsible for getting the delivery.

LIABILITY: Monterey Jazz Festival and Monterey County Fairgrounds will accept no liability for vendor losses due to fire, theft, weather, pests, equipment malfunction, or loss of electricity.

WORKERS COMPENSATION INSURANCE: You are advised to carry Workers Compensation Insurance on any of your paid employees. This coverage is not provided by either Monterey Jazz Festival or Monterey County Fairgrounds.

WRISTBANDS: The sale, barter, trading, transfer, or exchange of working MJF credentials is strictly prohibited. Violation of this policy will result in ejection from the Festival grounds. For security reasons, all vendors and employees must wear an appropriate wristband at all times for that day.

ANIMALS are not allowed on the Monterey County Fairgrounds. Monterey Jazz Festival is ADA compliant. All necessary Service Animals must be approved in advance by Monterey Jazz Festival.

DRUGS, ALCOHOL, WEAPONS and/or FIREARMS are not permitted on the Festival grounds and will result in vendor being removed from the grounds without fee refund and may result in possible arrest.

The Monterey Jazz Festival reserves the right to modify and amend this information at any time.

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